Santa Run Dec. 16th and 17th

We will once again be spreading some holiday joy to the community we serve by bringing Santa and his friends through our first due area on our fire trucks. We have decided to spread this over a 2-day event (Thursday, December 16th & Friday, December 17th) in order to cover more area.  Each night we will depart at 6pm from the station. We will try to do our best to update our location via our Community Volunteer Fire Company Inc. of District 12 page on Facebook, so please follow us for the most up to date info. We also understand that there are some streets or areas that may not get covered and we apologize in advance. Due to the size of our apparatus and time constraints involved some streets are just not easily manageable, so we are listing our intended destinations in order for you to come by one of the listed locations for all to see.

Thursday Night Run

Streets South of Lappan’s Rd.

Proceed on Tilghmanton Road to Sharpsburg Pike, L – Sharpsburg Pike, L – Norman Drive, R – Norman Ct., back out to a R– Knoll Dr., L – Knoll Ct., L – Spielman and cross over Rt. 65 to Manor Church Rd., L – Breathedsville,L–Lappans Rd., L – Tusings Way (Tahoe and Santa Only due to turnaround), L – Lappans Rd., – Country Home Ln., – Lappans Rd. to (Dollar General for a brief stop and pick-up candy and Photo Op for store), Cross over65 to a L- Reichard, R Spielman, R– Prophet Acres, R – Spielman Rd., L – Fairplay Farms Rd & Ct., L Spielman, L- Bakersville Rd, L RT 65, proceed to Antietam Manor



L-Grant Ave., R-McClellan, L-Abbot to the circle to R– McClellan, L-Grant,


Rt 65- R- Taylors Landing, R– Tommy Town Rd, R– Bakersville, L – Fairplay Rd., R – Tilghmanton Rd. to the Station


Friday Night Run

Streets North of Lappan’s Road


L-Sharpsburg Pike, L-Rockland Dr., L-Morning Walk, R-Roslin Pl., L- Helmsdale Pl. to circle Helmsdale to Morning Dew, R-Westenberger straight to Wisset Way, L-WissetWay, L-Misty field Ln., R-Westenberger, R-Morning Dew to Rockland Dr., L-Rockland Dr., L-Cambletown Dr., L-Bathgate Terr., L-Cambletown Dr., L-Shapwick, L-Tidworth Way, L-Alloway Ct., Alloway straight to Drumman Dr., R-Drumman Dr., Drumman Dr to Cambletown, R-Cambletown, L-Alloway Ct., L-Tidworth Way, L-Shapwick, R-Cambletown until it turns into Dumbarton in front of the school, L-Westbury Ct., L-Dumbarton, L-Prestwick Terr to the circle, R-Ashburg Cir., R-Prestwick Terr., L-Dumbarton, R-Morning Walk, R-Misty Acres, R-Coatbridge, R-Thornhill Ct to the circle, Cross over to Thornhill to L-Misty Acres, R– Morning Walk, R– Berwick Terr., R-Morning Walk, R-Rockland, R-Shetland Way, R-Prestwick, R-Dumbarton to L- Sharpsburg Pike to St. James.


L-Summerlin, R-Woodside Dr., L-Woodside Ct., L-Woodside Dr., L– Fernwood, R-Summerlin, L-WoodsideDr., L-Fernwood, L-Candlewood, R-Summerlin, R-Driftwood, L-Woodside, L-Deanwood, R-Summerlin to R-Chapelwood, L-Woodside, R-Sharpsburg Pike.



L-Kent Ave., L-Clover Heights to the circle, R– Kent Ave. to Sharpsburg Pike, R – College Rd., L – Through St. James School Campus, L – College Rd., L – Lappans Rd. to AC&T for refueling, Hot beverages and Photo Op with store staff.